Thursday, 16 September 2010

paris when it sizzles

I had my first art lesson today and I've decided to do Parisian buildings with a special features on arches (doorways, windows, the Eiffel tower, bridges), I think Paris is so special. I went for a couple of days in June for mine and my sisters birthday and I took about 700 pictures, it was so lovely eating French food in the little cafes, even if the French don't understand vegetarians! At least crepes are veggie friendly :)  Anyway for my art project, I'm going to do little detailed pencil drawings with soft colours that feature in Paris like the green trees down the roads, the blue sky and yellow sun, delicate Greys and pinks and whites in the buildings. Of course you can't miss the colours at night: black, gold and silver. And I think you must know what breath-taking monument I'm talking about. At night it glitters..

here are some of my favorite pictures, just to warn you, I do mostly fine art not photography..

I love this picture of these two boys looking so impressed with their found! It is quite impressive to be honest. And we found this man in a little cafe, he looks like a poet or a writer, he was writing in his little book sipping on his tea the whole time we were there.

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