Friday, 27 May 2011

the dilemmas of modern life..

Unfortunately due to exams, work and having a laptop that doesn't want to let me sign into I've abandoned ship here at 17andalwaysdreaming for the time being and instead have started a tumblr so I can still express my thoughts, opinions and interesting photography but in bitesize chucks. Check it out at (I love the name of it! hehe) and hopefully I'll be able to pick this up soon!

Peace and love x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

a vault of brick

this is going to be what my house looks like when i've got enough money to go crazy. i love the curved brick walk way into the bedroom and simple white style


though the finder.

this is the photography of my friend joseph brown, i was so impressed with his pictures i had to put them on here.

jessica hart

i wish this was me right now!!

from my favourite blog in the world.. x

Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscar Dresses 2011

All pictures from so they don't actually magnify. Head over to Vogue website to see the details, including who won what! Some really unqiue, stunning dresses were seen this year!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

love from the east..

Harper’s Bazaar US March 2011

to live you life by..

boy by band of outsiders.

i love these pictures, and kirsten dunst is a favorite for me. i love her films and her style and i'm so glad she's back! my skiing holiday is going well, i've only fallen over once :) go me. i'm home soon though thank goodness, it's cold here.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

look at all the little lambies..

sorry sorry sorry, I haven't blogged properly in forever. It's hard not having a computer but I'm using my ipad (haw haw) and I thought instead of being a stranger because I can't use pictures in this post I'd reasure the small community of people who read my blog, that yes I'm still alive. My work has been consuming my life, my art still isn't finish and neither is my English coursework but only a little bit to go before they will both be finished! I have also been at work almost all weekend with an occasional Sunday off, that's the bad thing about working two jobs, but they do have their benefits (free clothes/ free food and drinks). Luckily I'm going skiing on Sunday, and anyone who does A2 art will know the exam has started, one of the questions is changing seasons so I'm going to do winter into spring! The mountains will make a great backdrop for winter and then I'll be able to watch the season change into spring, my favourite season. I think i love spring so much because it's nearly summer which means I finish college for good (hopefully) and it'll finally be warm! but I don't actually enjoy summer, it's too boring and I hate being too hot.

I'll try and do a beautiful picture post from all the pictures i've been collecting soon! I also want to share a very exciting project with you all, but I'm waiting to see how it goes. hope you've had a lovely week!