Monday, 20 September 2010


I've almost completely lost my voice! It just happened suddenly while we were out on Friday, I opened my mouth and squeak came out.

In case you didn't guess I was in London for the weekend for my friends 18th! after looking round covent garden, picadilly, houses of parliament (and a glimpse of the pope moblie!) we went to a club called fabric, it was meant to be the best club in London and it didn't disappoint :) even though if you ever go, do not wear heels! my feet felt like they were bleeding when we left and that was after covering my feet in plasters.

On Saturday morning we dragged our selves out of bed and headed to sloane square for some lunch they had so many different types of food, chinese, indian, thai, italian etc.. and cupcakes, tea speclists and coffee things. after spending an hour in a shop selling lots of food you cant really buy in your everyday supermarket, we wondered to this book shop that had loads of interesting looking books, i saw an amazing book about Parisan buliding and interiors but at £75 it was a tad out of my buget.

Before heading back for a much needed rest we went to portobella, and shit! It was like a market but instead of food there was clothes and music and jewellery. I brought a scarf for a pound! unfortuatly there wasnt any cash points so I couldn't go crazy picking out little vintage jumpers or dresses, but that might have been a good thing! We then went to go get coffee from a camper van and we chilled with some rastas playing bongo drums. There was this amazing graffi on the walls, really trippy and so detailed. After enjoying an interesting walk round 3 huge rooms of art and a spotting of an oringle bansky we settled for a soothie to top up much need vitamins. To finish off London we went to an umber exspensive bar in notting hill called gate where we were the youngest there by far haha...

waiting for the pope

yorkshire terriers in harrods pet store

the bar in fabric


portobella, the orange camper van sells tea and coffee!

one of the graffi rooms.

my multi-vitamin smoothie.

i should have taken loads more pictures but i only had my iphone and my other friend was taking loads so i'll wait till she puts them on facebook and steal them ;)

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