Sunday, 17 October 2010

city living

i have lived in the coutryside all my life, whilst it's lovely sometimes living on a converted farm i have always wanted to live in the city and it something i plan to do. last night when i got in from work at about 11.30pm i heard sheep baaing, i am awoken by birds. how many people can say they hear that. during the summer the house looks so lovely as my father is a keen gardener and during snow season the house is all white par the black beams and bare brown branches, but still. i want view like the ones above, i want to get chinese food and tabacco when ever i want. i want a tube or an underground right near me that leaves every 5 minutes instead of relying on buses and trains that leave hourly. the city feels so much more grown up and chic. am i mad or do you agree?

hope you had a good weekend.

love from Paris

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

from the 'W' website thanks to fashiongonerogue

I love Tim walker. I know I've already done a post on his amazingness but he continues to inspire. His pictures just create a world of madness, where a model may be sitting in couture whilst driving a space ship. Or Lily Cole sitting at the top of stairs with her dress reaching the floor. And now he has Karlie Koss staring dangerously at humpdee dumpdee. Could you really imagine a world like that? I often try to when I should be listening to my history teacher explain that my essay isn't right, again. Or when I've been lying in bed for hours and I'm still not asleep. It beats reality and it's very strange...


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

leopard print.

it's not quite the same but a good match! excuse the pictures on this website the clothes are so beautiful in real life.



trying to do a history essay and it's taking so looonnnggg. so i thought i'd treat my self to some blogging. after all how many times can you write 'Hoover's policies only served to worsen the economy' i mean jeuusss, he tried his hardest! how can i put that into 2,000 words!

oh so pretty, i feel a little better now

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Katrin Thormann by Katerina Jebb for Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2010

i used to really want to be a model for this reason! just so i could wear pretty dresses and go to parties, but i could NOT starve myself or be subjective to the direction of evil people in the fashion world. we've all heard a few horror stories.



as some of you must of guessed i'm meant to be going to uni soon but i'm planning on putting it off for a year and in that time get some experience either at a magazine, my shop or with a model agent. however one of the things i'm really worried about it moving, from my parents garage which has a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom all of which is self contained, into a little room which may or may not have it's own bathroom (!) and having to share space with lots of messy teenagers. i know, i know, i'm a clean freak and a little scared of strangers, i watch a lot of CSI.

any way back to my point, over at freshhome they did a feature on small spaces where i found this picture..

so i could create a nice space. *fingers crossed*

and look what else i found! such a good idea! i have lots of maps of places i've been and i'm going to stick them on some boxes :)


happy birthday!

today is the first anniversity of two of my favorite blogs:

which features very special photographers, some of which have already been featured on my blog.


which features a very special person who has a very cute dog. this girl is so lucky! she gets to go to all the fashion shows in Milan and has the best wardrobe!

so to feature these special blogs on there birthdays..

1st up, (not)commonpeople featured, Laina Briedis on their birthday. very good choice!

The Blonde Salad put up two videos, one of her fans and one of her self. Very creative.. but as my computer/ blog is being stupid i can't put them up so here is a small collection of my favorite shots of her.

MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THESE BLOGS! aawwweeesssooommmeee :D