Monday, 20 September 2010

free love

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these look like something the GTOs would wear. groupies have such an awful reputation but i think there is nothing more liberating than a women being able to chose who she wants to sleep with. the GTOs were feminists who just loved the music so much they wanted to be close to it in all senses of the word. i could not be a groupie because there are no bands around who i feel a strong connection with at this time but at the same time i would only be a groupie to have a relationship with a rockstar, i would hate to be used by some shitty guy and that's what was so great about the GTOs and the groupies in almost famous because they picked the special ones, the ones they truly loved. i think love is special and should be special and the guys and girl who abuse it are only abusing them selves, but what right do i have to say that? i am one persons opinion, my opinion has been formed from watching Almost Famous and reading I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela Des Barres. think one opinion everyone should is the right to say no or yes themselves and not be forced into anything or feel like they have to do something.

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GTO stands for girls together outrageously. the red head and the dude are pamela and jim morrison. she was his long term girlfriend and loved him so much she put up with his cheating. the blonde girl is pamela de barres, she manged to marry a rock star and sleep with mick jagger, jimmy page and lots of other amazing rockstars!

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