Sunday, 12 September 2010

for starters..

I've always wanted to write a blog but i fear I don't have the creativity. However after much deliberation i've decided to give it a go..

For starters I'm gunna give a summary of what i want this blog to be, I love fashion. I love the way clothes effect peoples perception of you. I like people to look at me and think I look good in an understated way. I hate following the popular fashions, but I always try to remember that if i like it, it doesn't matter. Like checked shirts, I've been wearing them for such a long time and it seems so sad to stop wearing them but everyone wears them now! I wear them like a thinner cardigan, an extra layer (in England layers are a must). So why should I stop wearing them just because about 50 million people walk past wearing them? With this is mind I hope to create a blog that has it's own take on the fashions and not just fashion. I love other types of superficial things as well like interior and exterior designing, films, books,technology, food etc. And maybe including things that do matter, like the environment, the war and the economic climate..

I like to think of my self as a modern hippy. I'm studying art, history and english at college and I feel like these subjects are perfect for me :)


  1. Awesome start <3.
    You've already put that amazing picture of Alexa up did you figure it out??