Tuesday, 28 December 2010

a very trippy wedding..


Valerya by Amber Gray for Brides December 2010

after 3 days of working..

i feel very tired and grotty, my job entails running round a restaurant with hot plates. but on the plus side i don't have to join a gym! however, sometimes being a model seems a lot more glamorous..


Valentina Zelyaeva by David Burton for Elle Russia

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Luella's guide to English style

I'm very excited to read this! this was my christmas gift off my lovely sister :)


first up, happy crimbo!
 i got lots of books and dvds and a hat with a dogs face on it! i promise to do a post about my new collection later but mama needs help in the kitchen so this is a quick one.

how awesome are these dresses! there from urbanoutfitters 'one of a kind' collection. a book i got today was groupie tales and another about the laurel canyon so i may have to get one of these dresses to sit and read them in..

hope you have a lovely christmas!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

'60's chicci

i just did one of them little quiz's on facebook where they determine the decade you should have been born in (very scientific) and i got the '60s! very pleased about that, and i'm loving the picture they provided. now how many quiz's do i have to do before they can send me back to woodstock? :)

hope you have an enjoyable christmas eve's eve

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Thanks to everyone who reads my blog! I've just gone pass the 1,000 reader mark and i'm not sure whether that's a lot of readers for a blog but considering this was experiment for me i'm chuffed!

Vogue UK (March 2003). Street Smarts


Monday, 20 December 2010

marlon brando

my kind of guy..

cinema turned home in sweden

source- freshome

What Should Kate Wear?

source- fashionista

personally my favorite is number three, but i love all these dresses. click on the link to see them all. i'm quite pleased for kate middleton and prince william as i think middleton has been waiting for a while for this. on the wedding date us brits get a bank holiday! i think i might venture to London because there will be lots of fuss there.


gemma ward

The girl from Oz, Vogue UK, July 2006

i remember when i first saw this back in '06 and i loved it, it made me want to be her. sitting on the beach in beautiful clothes and beach hair. and that's mad to think i was reading vogue when i was 13. obviously now with the likes of tavi and willow smith it's not that unusual but in my little village at my secondary school i was 'the fashion one' no one else read vogue like me or followed the fashions- even if i didn't wear it! i loved that just as much as i loved reading vogue, not fully understanding what was going on and why people would wear clothes that cost thousands of pounds, but loving the glossy-ness and the pictures. everything in those vogues were beautiful. it is different now i know what goes on in the fashion industry but it doesn't change how i feel when i get my vogue in the post, and even those i know it's competitive and not as glamorous as it seems, i would love to work for vogue. just to be part of that beauty.



i'm so excited to see this! i've been waiting for months.. check out the website Coppola has made specially for the film here.