Tuesday, 30 November 2010

i really need to remember this more often..

let it snow

it snowed probably today and is meant to snow again tomorrow and i do love the snow because it means i don't have to go to college ad the snow is so pretty i'm so bored! i've been at home since i finished college at 12.30 yesterday and i think if i don't do something tomorrow i'll become a true couch potato!

on the up side these pictures are so beautiful. i want to live there..


Monday, 29 November 2010

Corinna Drengk by Josefina Bietti

via fashiongonerogue

fashion is boring me at the moment.. however, i love these pictures.

a wonderful book with a wonderful cover

these covers are so beautiful. for me F. Scott Fitzgerald's book represent an era lost to technology and health worries. i think we should all accept that one day we will die and as long as we respect each other we should live life to the full.. people can be so tight about things. so set on rules and being connected to people all the time. i know i have a blog and i do have facebook so I'm not criticizing the amazing these technology has brought to people and the creativeness it can bring out. gosh, without spell check my essays would mean nothing and in my art this girl was working on photoshop, something I've never been able to use, and created art! on a computer!

all I'm trying to say is try not going on a computer all day a few times a month, if you can't do something that a flapper would be proud of try reading a beautiful book about people who do have wonderful lives. make a cup of tea using china cups and saucers. pick some flowers and put them in a vase. please try and make this day in the week because frankly Sunday don't count ;)



I really want one of these books, I've never been able to spend £10 on a notebook but on amazon they are only a fiver so i'm going to have to get one. I love buying nice books to write all my scribbles in. Recently i've used this for my pictures that i just to stick in my notebook but then I had to buy a new one as the old one got too full and the new one was awkward so i couldn't write in it.

hope you all had a lovely weekend x

Friday, 26 November 2010

i wish it was socially acceptable to stay in bed all day..

nasty gal

i want all of these clothes!

after i saw this model it gave me faith to keep my hair blonde as i was feeling a change.i'm starting to feel as though blonde's don't get taken seriously and with university and job interviews approaching i need to be taken seriously, however, this girl looks like she's having so much fun being blonde it's reminded me that blondes do have so much more fun so why does it matter if some braining nerds look at me funny, i'm more clever than them anyway ;)

i love topshop!

it has to be said, topshop dresses are beauttiiful! i love these, however i think all of them are now sold out. so annoying. i can't wait for christmas, i've got a lovely black jumper dress with gold swirls on it to werar at christmas. it's warm and pretty. perfect for the christmas season!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I-D Winter 2010 Cover

from fashiongonerogue

anyone who's read my little rants about dree hemingway on her spreads over at fashiongonerogue would know i am not a fan of her. she is not pretty, she's too skinny and the only reason she's as famous as she is, is because her grandfather was ernest hemingway. however, i always can admit when i may be wrong, my ego is a little baby who sleeps all the time, so i will say i love this. however, this doesn't show she has talent but a some sort of charisma. plus i love that hair, i'm going to get it done in mine :)


Cozy Reading Corners

see all of them here

i actually tried to do one of these but funnyly enough a window still isn't that comfortble when it's only like 8 inches wide, it does look pretty though.


i want to feel pretty..

from (not)commonpeople

noel kristi wells

i've already had pink hair..

from fashiongonerogue
Courtney Vogler by Elliot & Erick Jimenez for Material Girl

Monday, 8 November 2010

I just read an article on the person be hide knightcat and I feel so bad about being rude about her in one of my post. I said something along the lines of her blog being boring because all she puts up is fashion spreads. But as she put it, her blog was like an online dairy, and of course she's just a girl who likes to blog about pretty things. It's actually pretty impressive how she has so many readers, when she's just a student and doesn't post any pictures of herself.

Read the whole article here. Again sorry, please continue to inspire (like my silly opinion would stop you).


lara stone for british vogue

via fashiongonerogue

i love lara stone, i think she's so pretty and not just that but she has real curves, she's inspiring for people to be healthy and look good. i recently read that even though she loves being naked for magazine shoots she would never pose for play boy, after i read that i had so much respect for her and i realised why magazines for women feature boobs and bums of other women. it's exciting and daring which is all fashion really amounts to. fashion has to be new, it never stops.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Salva López

from (not)commonpeople

would a rose still smell as sweet if it was called by any other name?

 Isabel Marant’s spring 2011

it has to be said, because i'm honest and i only lie about silly things, such as yes i have started my next piece of history coursework.. etc.. i truly love these looks but because i am not some stupid tiny size i don't think this would look as lovely on me as it does on her. to be quite frank i think that's why i love the hippy look, because it flows... so to use a bit of shakespeare:

would an isabel marant look still look as hot if i was a bit bigger?


from etc.

'moonshine' was a term created for home made alcohol during prohibition in America during the 1920s. It was called moonshine because it was create at night under the moon's shine.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

just a quick post..

Sorry I said I would post every day! But I'm so busy with all my history and art work, right now i need to be doing a critical evaluation of my sources. I'm actually doing prohibition in 1920's America so while it's interesting it's a hell of a lot of work! For art I've started painting using the artist's Neil Dawson and Paul Kenton. I'm favouring Kenton's work at the moment but because if you look at it, it's similar to the work of the cartoonist over at Disney who did the work for one hundred and one Dalmatians. genius!

Anyway, i hope to blog tomorrow, hopefully using some of the images I've collected from my rounds of blogs. My bloglovin is currently at 180 new posts! That is going to take a long time to get though, to add me on bloglovin' just click my bloglovin' image on the right or search 17andalwaysdreaming.

Have a GREAT week :) x

Monday, 1 November 2010

new design..

I still feel as though i'm experimenting with blogging, so today i felt like playing with the backgrounds. Exspecially because I read a lot of blogs and I take a lot of inspiration from them but I really wish apple would make an agreement with abobe though so I could upload images from my iPad, however, maybe just being able to write instead of playing with blogging will remind me why I started blogging. I wanted to write about the things I enjoy, films, clothes, books, art. Providing nothing dramatic accours I promise to blog a little something every day that's funny, and detailed and most importantly interesting.

Just to catch up with things: I've had a week off college, thank the lord Jesus for half term, but it hasn't been a satafactory week. I had lots of work to do and let's just say for the exception of my art work, which was painting, I still have lots of work to do.. At least I know I want to do history of art at university not journalism. I just feel like I could approach the course in a journalistic way but it maybe harder to do a journalism with an art approach. I read what you have to do in some journalism courses and I saw the word sports. I do not do sports, unless you count stairs and maybe skiing if your being picky. Anyway I've done a lot of driving lessons this week and i'm really hoping I'll be able to drive by myself, in my own car before the end of janurary.

anyway hope you had a good week :)