Wednesday, 29 September 2010

a little Iceberg Spring 2011.

via the wonderful fashiongonerogue as usual. a great blog for all things fashion!

great advice, the nicest people get the furthest in life.
ah got a history essay to get on with and some much needed sleep to catch up on!

if your bored read this. she seems really cool, while your at it check out her blog.

dear jesus christ,

please let me have these!!




if only i could pull off this look.

Monday, 27 September 2010

email blogging??

testing out using email blogging! it's amazing how technology has moved in just ten years! ten years ago our family got it's first computer, haha, now we have five computers, four laptops and an iPad. anyway, just enjoying a cup of coffee that my dad brought me in this lovely mug.

do you like my ring? and that print on my dress reminds me of the flower scene in the Disney 'alice in wonderland'.

Versace Spring 2011

there was some questionable clothes in versace but i love the shape of these pieces. cut outs are a good way to show skin without looking awwwfffuuul.

Gianfranco Ferré Spring 2011

i especially like the shift dresses. so sixties!


Victoria has set this competion for her readers to style this ring and here's my attempt. I went straight to and picked some things i would wear with this ring if i had the ring and the money to buy these things.

right: the ring is modekungen; the shoes are paloma barcelo; the first necklace is daisy knights; the dress is haute hippie; the second necklace is lavin; the bracelet is alexander mcQueen and finally the watch is nixon.


I've been very busy over the weekend, i've just been working. I actually went on a special visit to birmingham on Sunday morning, but i'm gunna give that a whole post of it's own when i've got time.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

beth ditto

i'm watching fearne and beth ditto on itv2 and i'm really fascinated. even though she seems really scary she also seems really cool. i use that word to much but it's true. she ran onto the stage while 30 Seconds to Mars were playing with a broom and fearne was just like wooh. but she seems like the nicest celeb that fearne has followed, even though she was really late. i love how she is so large, something most people hide away, but so so proud. topshop offered her money to model for them and she said no because they don't do her size at topshop? that is so cool.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011

wowowowowowowow. this has got to be my favorite runway show. the milan shows are so lovely, i wish i was there so much!

BUT, i have a thought..
why? surely you'd just walk into things all the time.

for Numéro

did i mention i love paris? this editorial is so beautiful

N21 spring 2011

i actually love this print. it's so different. i love to wear that to college and see people stare. haha today i wore my scarf from portobella and i just loved how the wind picked it up and it floated around..

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

my letter to teen vogue..

why on earth would you put some stupid little boy on the front of your magazine? I really liked your magazine when I first started reading it 3 years ago, it seemed so grown up to me. I've kept all of your magazines that I've ever brought, but Justin Bieber has just ruined any respect I have for your magazine. I'm very sorry for being so harsh but perhaps you shouldn't put idiots on the front of your magazine. "as the young star's voice deepens and he transitions, say his devotees, from 'little boy' to 'oh boy'"??? Yuk yuk yuk yuk. He doesn't sound like anything special, apart from the fact he can sing like a girl, he's just like any other arrogant prick.

thank you for reading, emma  

hello :)

thanks to everyone who reads my blog, i'm shocked that people actually look at it haha, but i've had quite a few viewers. anyone got any good blogs they's like to recommend?

image via goooogle.

right i'm going to get ready for college, i am NOT missing the train today 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

tim walker

I have always been a hige fan of tim walker, i would put him in number 1 favorite artist. He is one of those special people i would love to go inside his head and just nosey round for days. in year 10 for my art diploma course i used his work to make a cluch bag. i was ever so proud of it :)

next time you see a picture that is quite a bit strange in vogue check the bottom and i'll bet you a fiver it'll have tim walker written at the bottom..

I wish i'd been on the beach today, i've had a really boring day. I wrote my personal statement and I can't believe how up my self i sounded, haha, but i think that's the point! I've actually been feeling quite ill, which sucks but i can't miss another day of college so i'll i have to force myself up in the morning.