Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ladies fingers..

I finished work early last night and ended up going for an Indian with my family, I tried Okras, otherwise known as 'ladies fingers' the indian made them in a garlic butter sauce and the okras tasted really good. Anyone who's a fan of veggies and curries should defiantly try them.

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When I got in I watched my new DVD that had come that day, 'The Doors'.

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There is the known and the unknown, in-between is the doors..

It's based on a band called 'the doors' from the 1960s and if you didn't know that, how is hiding under your rock? Ha, anyway, it tells a brief story of mostly Jim Morrison, the front man of the band and also his troubled relationship (played by the best I've ever seen Meg Ryan, she can actually act!). I've already read two books about him so I like to think I'm well informed, so I guessed a lot was missing from the story. It doesn't touch on his childhood or deeply into his relationships to be honest it doesn't particularly show him in a particularly sensive way which if you read 'Wonderland Avenue' by Danny Sugarman (which I completely forgot about when doing my book review) you will see a very caring poet, who entraced by fame become distracked by drugs and alcohol. However it filled a gap left by my age, the film features a few concert performances which gave me an insight to how crazy it must of been to be there with 'the doors' right infront of your face! The role of Jim was played powerfully by Val Kilmar, he brought a raw energy to the part.

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The real deal also via google

Whilst I didn't want to believe that the Jim in the film was the real Jim, you could feel the energy that people at the time felt. The songs were played amazingly well, if I had to chose one band to listen to ever again it would be 'the doors'. Some how they, and the book 'wonderland avenue', gave my life a new meaning. Corny I know but if it wasn't for all the those times I just sat and listened to 'the doors' I'd probly still be a mess.

'To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts.'

Come on baby light my fire, try to set the night on ffiiirrrrreee

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