Monday, 3 January 2011


don't you find it funny how different words can change the meanings of things? one little word can change the direction of a sentence and turn something nice into something sarcastic or visa-versa. in person it's easy to recognise the reason be hide the way someone is saying something by judging their body language and the tone of how they say it. liars and actor's aims are to mis-judge this. spoken words tend not to have formality to them because you can stop and change what you've said. it just comes out. however, you can change written words. you can add words or take them away to create a mood you want the reader to feel. the full oxford english dictionary contains 171,476 words, and that's just my language. what about all the other languages and the way we borrow words from other languages like bonjour to seem interesting, because words can offer that kind of power over people. power, humour, love, interest, pain, sadness.. all words that we all have associated meanings to, but words that other words try to create inside your head. words that are more that just words. feelings. memories.

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