Tuesday, 25 January 2011

black swan

my sister and I went to see the film that fashion has been raving on about for months, Black Swan. and it was truly amazing, it keeps you gripped the whole way through. as rolling stone said 'like a dark twisted fantasy' without giving to much away you don't know whats happening and whats not happening and i was thinking about it for ages after i watched it. the costumes were amazing, created by the amazing duo Rodarte. its such a tense film that's both scary as shit and beautiful. natalie portman played the role brilliantly capturing both the ballerina and psycho whilst looking beautiful no matter what she was doing. sex played a big part in the film but i think it added to the manic feel of the film, but i did chose the sex scene between natalie portman and mila kunis to run to the loo so i don't know how that played out. and of course the ballet was amazing, if portman wanted to throw in the towel with acting she could surely become a ballerina, even though as the film shows the competitive and grueling side of ballet I'm not sure she'd want to. 10/10


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