Thursday, 6 January 2011


pictures from vogue which is why they have the 'magnify' over them.

following sienna miller's hacking incident i thought i'd do a post on one of my favorite actress, her energy in films is so contagious. Alfie, Factory Girl and The Edge of Love clearly show that she plays one type of character really well. the energy loving, slightly scary madness, generally fun all-about-town girl (yes, secretly i'm 85) that i love! i want to be her when i watch those film, of course forgetting about the deranged part... but hell, even those melt downs look dramatically, i want that. possibly because i am slight deranged, ek hum.. but clearly after G.I. Joe (actually an ok film, great twist as the end, but importantly Channing Tatum!!), Interview, Stardust and Casanova, she's believable in any part.

of course, apart from playing great part in interesting films she has great style that doesn't follow the trends and always just a bit her, she pushes the bounders but enjoys fashion. whether she's wearing a hippy hat or a red carpet dress. the undone hair and undone-ness in general is so beautifully done. and these aren't even the best pictures i've seen of her over the times...


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