Tuesday, 18 January 2011

if i keep dreaming and hoping

i want to move away to a beach house and just surf, sunbathe and swim all day with just people who want to be there with me and want to just chill with no pressure to be better or cooler because we wont care! they'll be unlimited noodles and tofu and beer. no body will be trying to step on other peoples (bare, tanned) feet or trying to be better than them because we'll all be equals. we won't lie and we'll trust each other and we'll stick to our promises and we won't be trying to prove each other wrong. and maybe if i keep dreaming and hoping of a world that doesn't exist, it'll happen and defy anything any one had ever said. we don't need to be organised or rude to enjoy life, we just need to be nice and generous. because if we're all generous we won't ever need anything again.

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