Monday, 29 November 2010

a wonderful book with a wonderful cover

these covers are so beautiful. for me F. Scott Fitzgerald's book represent an era lost to technology and health worries. i think we should all accept that one day we will die and as long as we respect each other we should live life to the full.. people can be so tight about things. so set on rules and being connected to people all the time. i know i have a blog and i do have facebook so I'm not criticizing the amazing these technology has brought to people and the creativeness it can bring out. gosh, without spell check my essays would mean nothing and in my art this girl was working on photoshop, something I've never been able to use, and created art! on a computer!

all I'm trying to say is try not going on a computer all day a few times a month, if you can't do something that a flapper would be proud of try reading a beautiful book about people who do have wonderful lives. make a cup of tea using china cups and saucers. pick some flowers and put them in a vase. please try and make this day in the week because frankly Sunday don't count ;)


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