Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I-D Winter 2010 Cover

from fashiongonerogue

anyone who's read my little rants about dree hemingway on her spreads over at fashiongonerogue would know i am not a fan of her. she is not pretty, she's too skinny and the only reason she's as famous as she is, is because her grandfather was ernest hemingway. however, i always can admit when i may be wrong, my ego is a little baby who sleeps all the time, so i will say i love this. however, this doesn't show she has talent but a some sort of charisma. plus i love that hair, i'm going to get it done in mine :)



  1. I cant wait to buy it!!
    you know, my favorite is the "LETS GET SPRUNG" issue with freja on cover!!
    Tonio, from the lovely san BLOG
    Hope you like my blog.
    See you

    All fashion lovers, must peep in.

  2. Nice photo. I know what you mean. There was a Vogue UK editorial on her in Idaho or somewhere (November issue) and I was like hmmm nothing special. I see models out there busting their gut who I know have more potential than her but sadly if daddy is not a rock star then you can't go far in this industry or at least be an overnight sensation

  3. Love the hair! I wonder where she would be if her grandad wasn't famous- it may not make a difference but it probably gives her a big advantage!
    love your blog