Monday, 1 November 2010

new design..

I still feel as though i'm experimenting with blogging, so today i felt like playing with the backgrounds. Exspecially because I read a lot of blogs and I take a lot of inspiration from them but I really wish apple would make an agreement with abobe though so I could upload images from my iPad, however, maybe just being able to write instead of playing with blogging will remind me why I started blogging. I wanted to write about the things I enjoy, films, clothes, books, art. Providing nothing dramatic accours I promise to blog a little something every day that's funny, and detailed and most importantly interesting.

Just to catch up with things: I've had a week off college, thank the lord Jesus for half term, but it hasn't been a satafactory week. I had lots of work to do and let's just say for the exception of my art work, which was painting, I still have lots of work to do.. At least I know I want to do history of art at university not journalism. I just feel like I could approach the course in a journalistic way but it maybe harder to do a journalism with an art approach. I read what you have to do in some journalism courses and I saw the word sports. I do not do sports, unless you count stairs and maybe skiing if your being picky. Anyway I've done a lot of driving lessons this week and i'm really hoping I'll be able to drive by myself, in my own car before the end of janurary.

anyway hope you had a good week :)

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