Tuesday, 12 October 2010


as some of you must of guessed i'm meant to be going to uni soon but i'm planning on putting it off for a year and in that time get some experience either at a magazine, my shop or with a model agent. however one of the things i'm really worried about it moving, from my parents garage which has a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom all of which is self contained, into a little room which may or may not have it's own bathroom (!) and having to share space with lots of messy teenagers. i know, i know, i'm a clean freak and a little scared of strangers, i watch a lot of CSI.

any way back to my point, over at freshhome they did a feature on small spaces where i found this picture..

so i could create a nice space. *fingers crossed*

and look what else i found! such a good idea! i have lots of maps of places i've been and i'm going to stick them on some boxes :)


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