Sunday, 10 October 2010

rock and roll

would it be okay if in this post i could just put up a really cool picture and go blaaaaaaaahhhh and all my readers will think it's edgy and different and oh so readable?


haha, i don't think so. sometimes i read these blogs *cough* studdedhearts and knightcat *cough* which do produce these really cool fashion pics but it's just not deep at all, they just copy each other and just copy the trends. i think in my personal opinion to be fashionable you need to be setting your own trends not copying them. i would love to put up my own images of what i wear so i can show off ;) I'm currently saving for a decent camera but even then I'm too lazy to put them on the computer, as previously said i have an iPad as well so unless my mother is being nice enough to let me use her computer, I actually can't put them up.

i know, i know.. excuses, excuses..

hope you all had a good weekend x

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  1. I completely agree! You are defiitely one of my favourite bloggers.