Sunday, 17 October 2010

city living

i have lived in the coutryside all my life, whilst it's lovely sometimes living on a converted farm i have always wanted to live in the city and it something i plan to do. last night when i got in from work at about 11.30pm i heard sheep baaing, i am awoken by birds. how many people can say they hear that. during the summer the house looks so lovely as my father is a keen gardener and during snow season the house is all white par the black beams and bare brown branches, but still. i want view like the ones above, i want to get chinese food and tabacco when ever i want. i want a tube or an underground right near me that leaves every 5 minutes instead of relying on buses and trains that leave hourly. the city feels so much more grown up and chic. am i mad or do you agree?

hope you had a good weekend.

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