Monday, 20 December 2010

gemma ward

The girl from Oz, Vogue UK, July 2006

i remember when i first saw this back in '06 and i loved it, it made me want to be her. sitting on the beach in beautiful clothes and beach hair. and that's mad to think i was reading vogue when i was 13. obviously now with the likes of tavi and willow smith it's not that unusual but in my little village at my secondary school i was 'the fashion one' no one else read vogue like me or followed the fashions- even if i didn't wear it! i loved that just as much as i loved reading vogue, not fully understanding what was going on and why people would wear clothes that cost thousands of pounds, but loving the glossy-ness and the pictures. everything in those vogues were beautiful. it is different now i know what goes on in the fashion industry but it doesn't change how i feel when i get my vogue in the post, and even those i know it's competitive and not as glamorous as it seems, i would love to work for vogue. just to be part of that beauty.


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